Celebrate the Season by the Sea

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In Virginia Beach, we like to put a seaside-spin on how we celebrate the holidays, and one such nautical holiday celebration is McDonald's Holiday Lights at the Beach. Located on the boardwalk, just steps away from the Belvedere Beach Resort, this magical lighting show adds an oceanic twist to the traditional holiday themes. Aside from the expected and impressive sparkling representations of Santa Claus and his elves, you'll see a forty foot tall lighted tree standing right on the beach.

Plus, what other seasonal light show includes dazzling displays of leaping fish, jumping dolphins, and playful porpoises? And don't miss the "Twelve Days of Christmas" representation, where some of the figures stand thirty feet tall. Each year, over thirty thousand families come to the area for this deep-sea inspired holiday light show. Why not jump in your car, turn up some holiday tunes, and take a drive through the crisp ocean air to start your own nautical holiday tradition? Thirty thousand families cannot be wrong.

McDonald's Holiday Lights at the Beach runs from November 21st to January 3rd and is located on the boardwalk between 2nd and 34th Streets.